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Eastington Park wedding video

Why did you want to capture your wedding on video? I want to be able to watch the video, look back and reminisce. I want to be able to show my children and grandchildren the day, have footage of family and friends enjoying themselves and remember the day I spent hours planning. How do you spend your days? What's important in life to you both? We are quite an active couple, Michael plays semi pro football which takes up the winter weekends, I enjoy running, going to the gym and shopping. Together we love exploring, locally, nationally and internationally. We love a holiday!

The proposal In summer 2020 we wanted to go away on holiday and travel down to France, ending up in Switzerland. For part of the trip we wanted to go back to Paris, where we had our first weekend away together in 2017. We were walking down the river Seine, sun shining, 30 degree heat, looking for somewhere to eat(or so I thought) Michael took me to the padlock bride with the Eiffel Tower in the background, asked a runner to take a photo of us with the perfect background and got down on one knee! Why did you choose Eastington Park as the venue? I wanted a venue close to where we will end up living, that was exclusive and had the freedom and facilities to not feel enclosed in one room all day. The selling point was the staircase and the pergola. What experience do you want to give to your guests? The ultimate experience, laughter, happiness, the element of surprise. I want them to feel special and know they are playing an important part to make our day so special.


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